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Jack of the Red Hearts ( 10 minutes ago )

Jennko : I guess I'm not as impressed as others with the movie. It was good, but I didn't think it was great. It could have been shorter, I found it dragged a lot. I worked with many kids with autism over the years so that is why I thought I'd check out this movie. One thing that was annoying was Anna sophia's character talking to Glory like she is a dog- the whole sit, stay etc thing. As well the whole putting Glory at major risk.

CSI: Cyber ( 16 minutes ago )

Skorp : Wow, that is just bizarre. Are their really people like this guy in reality? Man, he is just so messed up. Excellent episode as usual.

Ballers ( 22 minutes ago )

missdarkly : Knew Wayne would do that. This is why you never bet all your chips. Also side note: its not cool to shoot off without permission if your going bareback guys. That was an absolute dick move Spencer made pun not intended.

Good Witch ( 28 minutes ago )

water2whine : The Merrywick reminds me of the Youtan Poluo that blooms every third millinea Rafflesia that blooms once then dies or the Kadupul that only sneaks in a bloom at night then vanishes before dawn - some pretty amazing plants out there many once thought to be extinct.

800 Words ( 34 minutes ago )

redhotchilli_c : woody is just so funny,this really is a classic

Rise ( 35 minutes ago )

gated : Important subjects presented in an engaging manner.

The Vietnam War ( 41 minutes ago )

kchief58 : another great episode

Inside (2007) ( 45 minutes ago )

maniaccop2 : One of my all time faves

Gogglebox ( 48 minutes ago )

Tazergrrrl : Found a DELIGHT to quell 'n quench me curiosities! Aye, gunna be lookin faraward ta many a binged eps matey. (Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day.)

The Undateables ( 55 minutes ago )

zoello : This show is beautiful, and pretty educational to many that don't really know much about disabilities or impairments others may have however subtle, progressive or extensive it can be. To the people that agree with the ideology that this promotes so called *breeding* between the not so *normal* people. I say to you this. There are many instances of people I can think of that should not be having kids, that you regard as *normal* people.

Zoo ( 57 minutes ago )

missdarkly : Hahaha told y'all that reveal would happen. And of course Dariella and Jackson's girlfriend Tessa are the only two to survive the hybrid attack(and without injury). I'm actually shocked they didn't make Clem's post partum belly magically disappear(yet).

Australian Survivor ( 57 minutes ago )

mrberry2u : well that was a good surprise episode. and hahahaha at the person voted out.

The Strain ( 1 hour ago )

Sauvan : Why did he go down there by himself? He could just send hordes after hordes, until everyone was dead

Outlander ( 1 hour ago )

jaracas : I've always thought music to be so important in movies and tv shows and i've loved the music in Outlander (i'm a newbie catching up and really enjoying it so far) anyhow, back to my point, while i was watching this episode in particular, i could have watched it in black & white and everything would just seem right. The music while laire & Frank were "making up" and whilst he burnt the clothing (why he didnt donate it to a museum i'll never know, but never mind, its just a tv show), it just reminded me of a time when i was a child, probably 7 or 8 years old, and i used to watch the "Sunday Matinee", a classic movie that was shown on Sunday afternoons in the UK back in the 1970s. I used to love them, there ws never one that i didnt sit and watch transfixed. That love still persists today. I love the old black & white cinematography, that passion for a role that came across and, most importantly for me, the music. How it was only just there in the background and it built to a crescendo, normally just as the camera crept in to some beautiful womans eyes welling with tears, that point just before the first tear spills down her cheek. Those were the days :D

Constantine ( 1 hour ago )

pappaaa : Like the humor in this show.British I guess.

Escape Room ( 1 hour ago )

tomishereagain : Nothing much here, same ole same ole. Better than most but really not that good.

A Ghost Story ( 1 hour ago )

OnCinema : yeah but y r u white-sheeted though. Manifest yourself in the form of the husband she knew and loved so you dont terrify the shit out of her. No big deal, you've already done the impossible and crossed back over into our realm from the realm of the dead

Daredevil ( 2 hours ago )

ColdSteelRising : Great movie hiding in plain sight, ferocious action, good for more than one watch.

Episodes ( 2 hours ago )

Mark_Infinity : Terrible show. British people celebrating infidelity and other popular lies.

CSI: Cyber ( 2 hours ago )

Skorp : ...and this show got canceled. Wow, this is just such an adrenaline rush! JUST LOVED THIS EPISODE OH MAN! Season 2 has been just every episode amazing!! Wished there was one more season has made things easier, but it also has made our security even more vulnerable.

The Hitman's Bodyguard ( 2 hours ago )

BUDDHA512 : Finally watched this last night, downloaded it the day it posted. GREAT movie well worth the watch, laughed my ass off all the way thru it.

Liar (UK) ( 2 hours ago )

redhotchilli_c : i normally crack these kinds of shows after one and a half episodes,but there both so damn convincing, there has to be a third party involved ,thats the only explanation i can think of 10/10

It ( 2 hours ago )

S3NTYN3L : For those wanting the 1990 film:

Once Upon a Time in Venice ( 2 hours ago )

Canuckian : I honestly enjoyed this movie..good for a light watch. Some great cameos and John Goodmans characters was perfect for this lol..a few LOL moments and some crude humor. This was a good role for Bruce Willis i think, played his part perfectly imo. I would watch again just for kicks. I give this a solid 8/10 for some good old fashioned sleuthing and laughs. Cheers!

Wolf Hall ( 2 hours ago )

GeekGrl83 : It's a slow burn but it's totally worth it. I can't recommend this enough.. Brilliantly acted and written. One of my favorite period dramas

People of Earth ( 2 hours ago )

prima_facie : Bring back Wyatt! Enough of the FBI storyline. She does not seem to fit in with the group - who I love. Get rid of her and bring back Wyatt!

A Ghost Story ( 2 hours ago )

prima_facie : Why is this not in the featured section? These are big league actors! I have been waiting so long and so happy to see this. Thank you uploaders!

Liar (UK) ( 3 hours ago )

dhark : I believe she believes he did it I just don't think it was him

Thriller ( 3 hours ago )

hic66 : FYI...these are now all on youtube! crisp and high def. very nice.

Meet the Putmans ( 3 hours ago )

ellegrl : I do like this show. I wish more families cared about each other like this but not necessarily the same living environment. Its sweet they all can live together like this but there is no way I could do that. I love running my own house to much.

Vis a Vis ( 3 hours ago )

xpor1 : Agreed,Awesome series 5/5.

The Book of Henry ( 3 hours ago )

epoclaen : Very good film. Not great, but good. Very good acting that brought out emotional responses from me and made the characters endearing. The really nice component was the flawed characters. I felt the mother's part to be a bit too hard to be credible at many times but nice story all around. Well worth a watch. It's hard to believe that it's only at 5.7 on IMDB.

American Horror Story ( 3 hours ago )

robbybobbybabby : Another weak season.

Bury Them Deep ( 3 hours ago )

zyton777 : Absolutely the worst movie of all time.

Star Trek: Voyager ( 3 hours ago )

ForgetCableTV : Great episode. It had me teary-eyed in the end. I think that in a less extreme way, many of us continually fight with ourselves and are only episodically at peace with ourselves.

First Dates (UK) ( 3 hours ago )

Yoginikat : So happy this show is back! The most interesting and awkward people show up for dates on this show.

The Sinner ( 3 hours ago )

justbe : Am I the only one who thinks this show is sickly twisted?? Dont get me wrong, I love how the story is wrote; but there is alot going on with Cora!! My lawl, its sick and JD is not special by far but Cora seems to think so!! I am hooked and I cant wait to see the next episode, minus the twisted stuff!

Liar (UK) ( 3 hours ago )

RoseRed3 : I confess, I still have no frickin clue, although they are trying awfully hard to make her look like a nut case which is often misleading. Looking forward to the next episodes.

The Real Housewives of Orange County ( 4 hours ago )

annelapham : Oh don't you feel sorry for these poor women who nitpick each other's behavior like a bunch of clucking hens- all about the pecking order.

A Ghost Story ( 4 hours ago )

hic66 : was bit slow paced, but i didnt mind it so much ....worth a one time watch if u dont mind bit bit of slow.

Family Guy ( 4 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : Peter's bit with the stairs was the best part.

Gear Dogs ( 4 hours ago )

BUDDHA512 : this is the first full episode I've watched, and its not a bad series.

Australian Survivor ( 4 hours ago )

lookylou : The only difference I see from the US version is the reactions to votes, they clap and smile.

The Tick ( 4 hours ago )

Browncoats : This turned out to be a great show that I really enjoy. The only problem is Amazon only released 6 of the 10 episodes of its first season... Maybe Netflix has spoiled me but I don't like my binge watching interrupted.

Conan ( 4 hours ago )

FBananapants : I don't dislike Guy Fieri, but I do find it a little ironic he would do this bit on Conan, when you consider the number of times he made jokes at Fieri's expense over the years. lol.

Good Witch ( 4 hours ago )

water2whine : A lot of work and a lot of gear hiked in just to get down a walkable steep hill but I have to admit the filming locations are stunning. We all know what Cassie will choose but for me? Maldives hands down ... bye bye Bell Book and Candle bye bye Grey House bye bye icey winters ... HELLO perpetual sunshine, crystal waters and sea breezes!

Teen Mom 2 ( 4 hours ago )

ellegrl : Im so proud of Jo for coming so far. I hope he does get 50/50 custody. I feel so bad for her kids to live with her. She is such a bitch.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire ( 4 hours ago )

annelapham : Gosh, aren't these ladies important in their own eyes.

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Jack of the Red Hearts

Jennko : I guess I'm not as impressed as others with the movie. It was good, but I didn't ...

CSI: Cyber

Skorp : Wow, that is just bizarre. Are their really people like this guy in reality? Man ...


missdarkly : Knew Wayne would do that. This is why you never bet all your chips. Also side no ...

Good Witch

water2whine : The Merrywick reminds me of the Youtan Poluo that blooms every third millinea Ra ...

800 Words

redhotchilli_c : woody is just so funny,this really is a classic


gated : Important subjects presented in an engaging manner.

The Vietnam War

kchief58 : another great episode

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