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Displacement ( 3 minutes ago )

sgo_leary : Sometime, you should heed the comments...

Life ( 5 minutes ago )

Melissannish : LOL so stupid! Cheap watch.

Royal Flash ( 27 minutes ago )

defleur : I absolutely loved the books, my brother bought them all & got me into them, & we watched this together years ago on TV in Norway with great expectation, but it was an absolute disappointment. I think the strangest thing about it was the casting, surely Oliver Reed would have been the perfect Flashman!

Harlots ( 28 minutes ago )

manditoe : That was a tad short, now for the long wait! I really like this show!!

Alien: Covenant ( 38 minutes ago )

TeddyBearButt : Not too shabby! Tgis held my attention, especially the details.

Hear No Evil ( 49 minutes ago )

AlphaThrillSeeker : A Nightmare on Elm Street...not the chomo, the teen killer. Shame Minnesota doesn't have the death penalty.

Black Butterfly ( 58 minutes ago )

literati : Mostly boring until the last 20 minutes then it is rushed - bad pacing rather than a suspenseful build-up. A whole lot more story could have gone into this. As is, it's implausible. I like the 3 main actors but they don't fit the roles. 5/10

Ancient Aliens ( 59 minutes ago )

cappee : This series is more satire than documentary

Empire ( 1 hour ago )

kurisuteen : I guess it was difficult for them to top the season finale with Rhonda flying off the roof, and us not knowing if it was Rhonda or Anika, now THAT was a season finale...they're trying too hard with this one and introducing too many new characters, unnecessary - utilize what you have, a cast of hella good actors.

Prison Break ( 1 hour ago )

nealnbob : Everyone in the county got a little piece of Brad, lol!

The Evermoor Chronicles ( 1 hour ago )

caelibarlow : HEY GUYS THERE ARE NO LINKS!!!!

Assassins ( 1 hour ago )

PerfectSpecimen : I LOVE this movie. It's one of my Faves. The Wachowski Brothers have done it again. Good story. Fine acting. Directed well by Richard Donner. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the flick. I give it 5/5

Worst Fears ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : Not bad. It is ok to watch once. Wasn't too boring. I was entertained for the time i was watching it.

Speechless ( 1 hour ago )

HattoriHanzo : probably my favorite episode!

Life ( 1 hour ago )

idrow : I don't get the hate some of the commenters have for this one. I loved it. It took unexpected turns and had me on the edge of my seat. And that ending...I knew it was coming but, wow. I hope they're coming out with a sequel.

War Machine ( 1 hour ago )

dogb8t : Was that Russell Crowe @ the end ????

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ( 2 hours ago )

ambbb : Yikes, David sure wants Melika to like him more than she does. It makes me wonder if he isn't looking for the right woman (subconsciously) so much as he has a type that he will continue to go for. I can understand why he went on Married at First Sight, he's not great at picking out women for himself, but Second Chances is not a show that is meant for someone like him, poor clueless David. My favorite is Isabella, but I think she is too good for him. He says he wants a girl that is outgoing and fun and she seems so adventurous, but he doesn't seem to appreciate that about her. I don't think they are a good fit. I honestly think one of his middle of the ground girls are going to be a better fit for him, but I don't think he's going to make the right choice in the end.

War Machine ( 2 hours ago )

superslinky : Brad Pitt's face went from rugged good looks to some sort of average looking 1950's milkman jamoke after his facelift. What a mistake.

Hunted ( 2 hours ago )

vynttmills : what would you risk for a bite of some Taco Bell? lol

Animal Kingdom ( 2 hours ago )

KancunStatus35 : Nice transfer from a good Australian movie to a good U.S.A. version into a tv show. I just started watching and gonna binge watch the 1st season cuz the 2nd season starts soon so we'll see how it goes. There is def plenty of potential here so I will try it out with an open mind. It gives me a good "Ma Barker and her sons" new age vibe as far as how the story is playing out in the 1st season. If anyone watched the old school "Public Enemies" from 1996 with Theresa Russell as Ma Barker with her sons, Eric Roberts, and the beautiful Alyssa Milano, you know what I mean.

30 for 30 ( 2 hours ago )


Criminal Minds ( 2 hours ago )

getchicked : Morgan and Garcia though! It's like he never left! Loved everything about this episode and I'm looking forward to season 13!!

Avalon High ( 2 hours ago )

thangan : A little cheesy with the football comparison to a medieval battle but otherwise a great made for cable TV movie.

The Blacklist Redemption ( 3 hours ago )

literati : Glad this series was cancelled. It was doomed from the minute Tom unnecessarily ~retrieved~ that device from his mother's garter holster high up her thigh with some prolonged, breathy eye contact. WTF? Horrible writing, terrible casting... repulsive characters. 0/10

Beat Shazam ( 3 hours ago )

grammac : that's worth a -1 outta 5 wont be watching anymore then the 5 minutes i wasted. it is the weakest link, Your Fired. and that's my final answer.... survey says It sucks

RuPaul's Drag Race ( 3 hours ago )

mvimama : I haven't missed one episode of Drag Race or Untucked ..ever.This one was the best makeover edition thus far,for sure.Wintergreen stole my heart.Trinity is getting more n more full of herself every epi,she thinks she is unrivaled but I think Sasha is the real fashionista of this season.#TeamSasha!

Bloodline ( 3 hours ago )

toasterfraker : Wow. The Netflix soap opera that refuse to be canceled. Wasn't this axed already?

The Drug Trial: Emergency at the Hospital ( 3 hours ago )

hollis517 : this is right out of Stephen King's Firestarter. scary but true. one case of science fiction becoming science. Firestarter was written in 1980. how's that for prescience?

Slamma Jamma ( 3 hours ago )

Sneakin : Some great dunkin but that's about it, re-hashed story, the acting is like they are reading from a book. This is a C- movie, amazed it was put on the featured list. Leave this for when you have run out of other things to watch.

Slamma Jamma ( 3 hours ago )

toasterfraker : When this kind of garbage gets featured, you know that movies are being released slower than they used to be. Could have been written by a 12 year old. Seen better acting in high school. Directed like a Youtube video. 0/5

Criminal Minds ( 3 hours ago )

getchicked : Redeeming episode! I get and like the awkwardness of the new characters because it is very realistic. It takes time to adjust and fit in with a group of friends who have been working together for more than 10 years! Fans will always miss Hotch and Morgan so even though the new guys are likable enough it's still going to take time for fans to warm up to them.

On Wings of Eagles ( 3 hours ago )

idewina : what's the original title for this movie?

All Round to Mrs. Brown's ( 4 hours ago )

StarWhisper : I thought I had seen everything Mrs. Brown, so I was delighted when I found this extra gem! This is more like a variety type show with audience participation and guest appearances .. a nice twist to an already talented cast!

Supernatural ( 4 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : I liked the twists in this one. Good episode. 5/5 Enjoy!

Agatha Christie's Poirot ( 4 hours ago )

arixynie : I feel like the episodes should end with 'I would have gotten away with this if it weren't for you meddling Poirot!". A superb mystery series, highly recommend. Agatha Christie would be a proud person and writer to create such wondrous characters, I'm infatuated with 'ercule Poirot (although I have trouble pronouncing his name with the Belgium accent) If you have an hour to spare, watch this. Some episodes creep onto 2 hours for they are specials dedicated to the novels, worth every minute. Series 8+ have very famous actors and actresses, revelling in the notoriety that is Poirot. 10/10.

24 ( 4 hours ago )

water2whine : The only Islamic Republics are Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Oman, and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and Mauritania in West Africa the country Hassan is from is fictional.

RuPaul's Drag Race ( 4 hours ago )

SpiritOfLove : This challenge definitely rivals the drag sister challenge way back in Season 3. It was just as hilarious, and warm and fuzzy. I'm not surprised at the queen who sashayed. The lip synch was good but she had given up by this point. Too bad because it really looks like Ru was very empathetic towards her and gave her time to get it together. But ultimately she did herself in. Well, as we can see on social media she is definitely working so she will be alright. However i think she would do well with some psychotherapy. No shade, we all have demons to slay. Imagine if she had lightened up a little? She could have gone further. The winning queen deserved it and it is now obvious that she is going to be in the top 3. It is getting hard now. I think the top 3 is going to be Shea, Sasha and Trinity. I love Peppermint and want her to be there but the top 3 looks very strong. I will be sad to see Pep go. That leaves Alexis who rounds out the 5 remaining queens. Now it is really time to pull out everything to go all the way to the top.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 4 hours ago )

JayDavid93 : Man, Evil Fitz is the bomb.. I can really see the actor Iain playin some pyscho villain in another series.. He has the look in a way.. And man this upside down "matrix" story line is great..

John Wick: Chapter 2 ( 4 hours ago )

btsell : I have really enjoyed both of the chapters in this series & am looking forward to the 3rd inclusion. I love how it's such a simple storyline line, yet, has such depth, character development & storyline. The action is well thought out & done - I'm stoked for you Keanu - this is a good one. Thank you & keep 'em coming.

Bloodline ( 4 hours ago )

AnimePimp66 : So he was mailing money he owed to his old apartment and expecting it somehow got to the people he owed? And whats up with it magically being on his table? Did the mail men break in every time he had a package?

Beat Shazam ( 4 hours ago )

jaybird31523 : way, too many racial references..0/5

RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! ( 4 hours ago )

SpiritOfLove : Nina Bonina Brown Tonya Harding. You made it to the top 6 with that negative attitude. Imagine if you had lightened up a little? Well, you are a Ru girl now, so you will definitely be getting better gigs. Honestly, I think psychotherapy would do you well. This is not shade, it is real life stuff. We all have demons to slay. I think that when you watch these episodes you will agree. Build yourself up so that you can see yourself the way others do. Everyone has been incredibly supportive of you on the show. Even Ru gave you a heartfelt Sashay. She clocked the self sabotage from the beginning and she she has been empathetic. Good luck and Be well Nina.

Benidorm ( 4 hours ago )

wayney85 : the one who broke her arm, broke her leg last year she also said she didnt get a shag the whole time she was in benidorm last year, yet she was shagging in the shower by the pool and thought it was mateo so the writters made a bobo there!!!

Colossal ( 4 hours ago )

bluefisshh : this is fantasy and drama not a sci-fi really, scenario is probably written by a female

The 100 ( 4 hours ago )

Crenshaw : Kind of like hunger games with a twist!

Cold Case Files ( 4 hours ago )

deadsunaspillow : God country police and good guys...shamfull propaganda.

Slamma Jamma ( 4 hours ago )

thangan : Got to wait for a better copy before judging this one.

Berserk ( 4 hours ago )

cauyao615 : i just wish they stop this 3d crap animation, its just horrible and the up coming episodes got a ton of epic fight scenes but im afraid it will look horrible with this kind of animation, this anime deserve a proper animation and not this crap

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sgo_leary : Sometime, you should heed the comments...


Melissannish : LOL so stupid! Cheap watch.

Royal Flash

defleur : I absolutely loved the books, my brother bought them all & got me into them, ...


manditoe : That was a tad short, now for the long wait! I really like this show!!

Alien: Covenant

TeddyBearButt : Not too shabby! Tgis held my attention, especially the details.

Hear No Evil

AlphaThrillSeeker : A Nightmare on Elm Street...not the chomo, the teen killer. Shame Minnesota does ...

Black Butterfly

literati : Mostly boring until the last 20 minutes then it is rushed - bad pacing rather th ...

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